Textiles for me have the ability to  be both craft and highly tech-  nical, but also a form of  communication. 
Trained within weave, print, knit,  both analogue and digital, as well as digital embroidery, I  develop every textile based  on the context and purpose of  the textile.  Within this framework, leaving space for  experimentation with textures, fibre combinations and colour   is quintessential. 
BLANKET, Private Order
Digital Knitted. 
100% Wool
1800 x 1350 mm.
Textile Experiments, The Design School of Kolding
 2015 - 2016 
Mixed Media
Wool, Linen, Cotton, Silk
50 SCARVES, 2016
50 individual screen printed scarves made for The Design School of Kolding, Denmark. Each scarf is hand dyed and printed using discharge techniques  where the outcome is determined by time, temperature and process, making each one different from the other in colour and composition.
To underline the uniqueness of the scarves, each one is numbered and signed.
100% silk scarves
Hand dyed and screen printed
1800 x 500 mm.